Rusty Coil


Night is still the air is dry
There is beauty in the dead silence,
Unaware in the copper sand
I am prey to your violence,
Slithering around taste the air
Its next meal is not far,
As I lay in a deep state
Beneath the wonderous stars,
Serpentine movement, the upper hand
To your victim you draw close,
Cold blooded coil is sprung
Strike with venom as I repose,
Body marked by your bite
As I wake from my slumber,
Examine my most mortal wound
Now marked by your number,
Must escape with my life
Remove oneself from harm,
As I wriggle to the edge of my world
A space to find some calm,
Survive the blow move forward now
Look the serpent from afar,
Reflect upon but do not dwell
There will always remain a scar.

Snake, ginger, copper, sand, desert, sweating, need water, slither around, try to avoid, the burning sun, the coil is sprung, fall prey to hawks and weasels, adaptable to many environments, consumes and consumed by, need their own body weight in water annually to be taken in, water source is dependant, elevated coil to face the king snake. I am the prey;

We’ll both get there, were just taking different paths

By Anonymous


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