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How I learned to safely taper off psychiatric drugs

It was May 21st, 2019, when I woke up in a strange hotel-like room drenched in sweat, fully clothed with a winter jacket on and feeling absolutely terrible. Next to me on the nightstand...

Language giving voice to identity and expressing our soul

If language shapes our world, then in Ireland our world is shaped by and through the lens of colonialism. And it is here we will first explore that impact and reality, before thankfully exploring where and how our own language can be a field of healing.


Children with psychological impacts due to parental problem substance use need dedicated supports

New research carried out in the UK in relation to children who grow up with...

Remembering Bhargavi Davar: A Global Leader in the Struggle for Human Rights

The struggle for human rights, in global communities and for all, is, I think, at...

Mad in Ireland to present at UCD conference focused on lived experience and addiction

Mad in Ireland is set to present at an international conference at UCD on June...

Research: “No Promising Biomarkers” Identified for ADHD

A new study reviews all the various possible biomarkers for identifying ADHD—and comes up empty-handed. A...

Irish researchers review Power Threat Meaning Framework as alternative to psychiatric diagnostic model

A first of its kind scoping review, carried out by Irish researchers, has demonstrated the...


Led by researchers in Trinity College Dublin, the PROTECT Study, seeks to identify priorities for future research on reducing and stopping psychiatric medications. Interested parties take a survey on questions that users would like to see addressed. Take the survey here.



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