Over Encumbered



Weighed down and carrying too much.
Leaning too heavy on this damn crutch.
Words flow like rivers but lead to no action.
Talking about plans that gain no traction.

Life seems to be a struggle to the sweet bitter end.
Regrets leave me in a position which I can’t defend.
Looking for a reason to give myself a pass.
Can life redeem or have I failed this class?

My brain’s talking out both sides of its mouth.
Convincing me to go north but also to head south.
Many indecisive thoughts swirl all around,
Leaving me down and lying on the ground.

Helpless and hapless, I wander through life.
Constantly carrying this baggage and strife.
I need rest. My life seems to be passing by so fast.
Depressed. Problems of both future and past.