Decuplet’s Artistic Expression


Decuplets Design is the culmination of a lifetimes journey, working through trauma, and coming together on the other side united. Decuplets is 10. Ten individuals living within one person. Each entity striving to communicate their story of survival and healing.
Using various mediums of art and creativity, we discovered our way of communication through the expression of ourselves. Each of us with our own unique styles and personalities. We slowly came together in this safe space. We learned to understand and respect each others stories and with empathy, came strength. We found compassion within ourselves for ourselves.
We are Amelia, Kizzy, Dreamer, Bella, Daisy, Alex, Scarlet, Julie, Willow and me Paula.
Instagram @decuplets_design
We hope you enjoy this sample artistic expression of ourselves.


  1. These are amazing. The head with all the heads is mind blowing. Reminding me of schema therapy or ‘parts’.
    So nice to see in visual form
    Thank you for sharing.
    Nicola x