Decuplet’s Artistic Expression


Decuplets Design is the culmination of a lifetimes journey, working through trauma, and coming together on the other side united. Decuplets is 10. Ten individuals living within one person. Each entity striving to communicate their story of survival and healing.
Using various mediums of art and creativity, we discovered our way of communication through the expression of ourselves. Each of us with our own unique styles and personalities. We slowly came together in this safe space. We learned to understand and respect each others stories and with empathy, came strength. We found compassion within ourselves for ourselves.
We are Amelia, Kizzy, Dreamer, Bella, Daisy, Alex, Scarlet, Julie, Willow and me Paula.
Instagram @decuplets_design
We hope you enjoy this sample artistic expression of ourselves.


  1. Hello Paula, My name is Jeroen and we met briefly at the Community Work Ireland event last Wednesday. Thanks for all your efforts of making this world a better place for those who suffer of being not alone among their individual selves. It is unique how you manage to unite your voices in the one resilient frame work that is you. I feel that all the aspects of who you are, are one in spirit as there is only one I that manifests in who you are, be it Amelia, Kizzy, Dreamer, Bella, Daisy, Alex, Scarlet, Julie, Willow or you, Paula.

    I had a similar experience right after my first admission in a psychiatric hell hole. There were many entities seeking contact with me, entities in the spirit world, but I could not pay attention to all of them. I asked God politely if this could stop and over time they eased off. Now I am a man who understands the ins and outs of hearing voices as I do cooperate with them in the Name of God. My own spirituality was my saving grace and now a few of my spiritual friends manifest through me in everything I do for the most marginalized. That is how I found unity in myself.

    Could you please leave a link to your Facebook account so that this will enable me to contact you via Facebook too.

    God bless,


  2. These are amazing. The head with all the heads is mind blowing. Reminding me of schema therapy or ‘parts’.
    So nice to see in visual form
    Thank you for sharing.
    Nicola x