Where would I be if not with you


Where would I be if not with you
in your tiny hand among the Irish yew.
For I was not me, but a wandering daze
away from self, superficial in gaze. 

What spirits came and joined me through birth
the delicate mind surrendering to earth.
Wake wake my ancestor’s cry
slipping and falling and there I lie.

The demanding touch of the tiny hand
changing the picture returning to land.
For if not for the dark that I will not rue
I would not rise, hand in hand, Irish yew.

Claire is a social worker with a keen interest in changing how we look at emotional distress. Claire found the mental health system to be dehumanising where individual stories and experiences rarely get asked or explored. Claire aimed to create awareness with issues particularly around what is described as ‘mental illness’ with her social media page and podcast ‘Anuway Wellness’.