Event notice – Are diagnoses and drugs the answer to human distress?


Northern Ireland groups Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) and Glór na Móna are hosting an event to raise awareness about outdated mental health practices that no longer serve people well.

PPR’s ‘New Script’ for mental health campaign highlights the urgent need for a new trauma-informed, rights-based approach to mental health care.

As the event notice states, across the world there’s a growing movement to move beyond the now outdated medicalised model of mental health, to one that promotes a human rights based, trauma-informed approach.

Featuring Prof John Read, professor of clinical psychology at the University of East London, the conversation will critically discuss;

· Diagnoses: Is there any scientific evidence for diagnoses and do they help us?

· The links between trauma and psychosis and other mental health difficulties.

· Stigma.

· Power and the mental health industry: Tackling causes not ‘treating’ symptoms of inequality which blame and shame individuals. Holding those in power to account.

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