Alone Again


What is happening, it is going too fast, I’m alone,
Birds sing mournful melodies, tress sway in disappointment,
There is nothing left, just emptiness, branches shedding their fabric,
What is life, no meaning, sadness pervades all,
Complication, destruction, bark crumbling in my fingertips.

Why is life so long, why can’t I find my way out,
Sleep forever, live in dreams where there is peace,
What is this pain, abuse lies everywhere, bruises show,
Mental anguish never leaves, enclosed by the branches of the trees,
Where did I go wrong, no escape, the never-ending journey,
The path that disappears into the ether, no end,

I’m alone again.

(Anonymous author)


  1. The trees look bare and alone but just beneath the surface our roots intertwine and sing to and for each other.
    Wishing you peace and warmth ✨️ 🙏
    Thank you for sharing