It’s okay not to be okay…


But what if your ‘mental illness’ is of the destructive type.

The type that demands to be seen as it rips through all that squeezes itself tightly into safe

Into ‘normal’

What if it is not borne out of the illusion of chemical imbalance but rather is ignited by trauma; personal, familial, societal, ancestral,  all the ‘als’….

‘Shush now’

‘You can’t say that ‘

‘Shut your f***ing mouth’





So insidious that we wrap it in shiny things, paint on a brittle smile born out of fear of exposure and grimace,

‘Stop that, just take your tablets’


What if your ‘mental illness’ is not illness at all but an over worked nervous system trying to survive in a world of plasters and illusions,

Avoidance and denial

Shame heaped upon shame

Blame heaped upon blame.

But…what if there is truth in any of what you say?

‘There but for the Grace of God go I’; go us all.

There is no place here for;

A nervous system that asks for explanations, apologies and accountability

Much easier to plaster and medicate

It’s okay not to be okay

But do it quietly please

We don’t tolerate behaviours here

Everything’s fine

Nothing to see

Shush now…………………………………

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After 10+ years of prescriptions and labels, hospitals and crises, self-harm and suicidality, Nicola now practices as a Shamanic Practitioner as well as continuing her work in Social Care. By changing her internal narrative from being a problem to be fixed or eradicated to a compassionate understanding that all mental illness stems from soul loss, Nicola has found her way out of the medicalized system and is passionate about helping others find their path towards recovery and in developing an integrated acceptance of themselves and their experiences.