In Trying Times

With foundations rocky
The need to retreat grows stronger.
As uncertainty rips through a barely grown over path
Solitude beckons, company no longer
Wanted as new roots dislodge easily
And hang there in seeming helplessness.
Suspended; wondering if they too
Are destined to wither and die in this senselessness.
With external rescue a mere abstract notion now
Those young roots calm themselves; steady.
Stronger than they ever thought possible
They re-attach to the earth; that’s ever ready.
More resilient now that they fought to stay.
Birth, death and re-birth; Everyday; In every way.
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After 10+ years of prescriptions and labels, hospitals and crises, self-harm and suicidality, Nicola now practices as a Shamanic Practitioner as well as continuing her work in Social Care. By changing her internal narrative from being a problem to be fixed or eradicated to a compassionate understanding that all mental illness stems from soul loss, Nicola has found her way out of the medicalized system and is passionate about helping others find their path towards recovery and in developing an integrated acceptance of themselves and their experiences.