Existential issues are part of the human condition


There are a lot of assumed biological aetiologies and many cytotoxic pharma treatments coerced and forced onto people due to the discrimination from people who fear what they don’t understand. We are drugged because they fear the unknown. Not to help us. It’s a combination of their fear, society’s fear (sanism and mentalism), and to uphold a culturally hegemonic status quo. We are to be profitable workers or profitable consumers of the pharmaceutical industry. D2 blockers are dangerous and most issues are inflammatory or metabolic in nature and present as glutamate excitotoxicity. Not dopaminergic. Often people’s experiences are transient because they’re not “abnormal” they’re entirely normal responses to physiological dysfunction. To label it as a forever condition based on observation and ultimately assumption, is absolute nonsense.

Anyone who’s managed to get out the snare of these two outcomes (myself included) find themselves in a position of an uncertain future, and an unsteady present. I don’t know what to do with my life to be honest. I’m full of physical health issues and I don’t really have much to offer the world except recycled insights that are delivered in a potentially more digestible format. (Oh god am I an enzyme? 😂)

How do you find meaning after living such traumatic experiences especially when after them, you have to live with debilitating physical disabilities, either directly as a result of the damage “medications” caused or a combination of biological and iatrogenic harm? I know existential issues are part of the human condition, though it isn’t pathological. But what do people do after these experiences? How can you move on when the actual origin is denied, you are gaslighted and invalidated, told you have this made up disease and then have nothing quantifiable to show for it? I can’t enjoy gaming anymore and I have a decent PC. I just don’t have the mental energy. I do cycle but not daily due to health issues.

I’m finding myself just posting on my health boards page trying to teach them what they should already know – rudimentary psychology and biology.