I wish I could tell you what’s really going on
How much I’ve struggled and fought to stay strong
I know you say “It’s okay not to be okay”
But I fear your compassion has a sell-by date
In our modern world where work equals worth
Will you really understand my hurt?
If I can’t perform or live up to the norm
How far does your empathy stretch?
A sign of weakness… No, a sign of great strength
You’ve got it all wrong if you think I’m worth less
Because facing demons is the hardest work you can do
A test of resilience and the will to push through
A quiet fight for survival that few understand
It would help if you could just hold my hand
Without judgement, without shame
For at the end of the day, we all hold pain
Please don’t wait until someone is gone
You’ll wish they could have told you what was going on
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