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Thursday, 08, June, 2023
Image of beach with rocks and the sun shining

Where would I be if not with you

Where would I be if not with you in your tiny hand among the Irish yew. For I was not me, but a wandering daze away from...

It’s okay not to be okay…

But what if your 'mental illness' is of the destructive type. The type that demands to be seen as it rips through all that squeezes...

Rusty Coil

Night is still the air is dry There is beauty in the dead silence, Unaware in the copper sand I am prey to your violence, Slithering around taste...

Fragile Friend

Fragile Friend by Marie E. Kelly from the Mad in Ireland Poetry Collection

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I keep digging, But just getting deeper, I keep climbing, But the mountain gets steeper, And I question myself, Every single day